City of Bijeljina

General information

Bijeljina is located in the northeastern part of Republika Srpska. In the north and east it is bordered by the rivers Sava and Drina, while its southwestern border consists of the slopes of the mountain Majevica. It is close to the Belgrade-Zagreb highway, and larger cities in Serbia, Belgrade and Novi Sad (about 120 km).

On the territory of Bijeljina, there are two border crossings, Pavlovića bridge on the Drina and Rača on the Sava.

The area of the municipality of Bijeljina lies on huge underground reserves of geothermal water at a depth of 1200 m with a temperature of at least 75 degrees Celsius, which makes it the warmest in the Republic of Srpska.

The municipality of Bijeljina is dominated by road, river and, to a lesser extent, rail traffic.

Bijeljina is located on three main routes:

The main road M18 - entrance from Serbia - Bijeljina - Brčko - Banja Luka - Zagreb, this main road passes through the municipality in the length of 9 km,

main road M14-1 - entrance from Serbia - Bijeljina - Tuzla - Sarajevo - passes through the municipality in the length of 37 km,

the main road M14-1 - Brčko - Bijeljina - Zvornik - Sarajevo, passes through the municipality in the length of 41 km.

The total length of the traffic infrastructure is 409 km, the modern road is 307 km, and 102 km refers to local roads, and only 20 km are not paved. The density of the categorized road network in the municipality is 42km / 100km, which is above the average in Bosnia and Herzegovina (41km / 100).

A town in the heart of Semberija. A city of good people, good hosts!