Semberija newspapers

Semberija newspapers are the oldest newspaper in the area of Semberija. They are at newsstands every Thursday. The content of the newspaper is related to the Bijeljina region.

Address: Ulica Atinska 2;

Phone: 055/209-213;


SRNA news agency

Address: Sofke Nikolic br.51;

Phone: 055/211-366

Fax: 055/201-810



Republika Srpska News Agency (SRNA)

Independent Television “Arena”

Independent television "Arena" is one of the youngest, but also the most popular electronic media in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. in Ulica Svetog Save br.86 in Bijeljina.

NTV "Arena", in addition to Semberija, Podrinje, Majevica and Posavina, has an exceptional viewership in the area of Macva, Srem and Slavonia, ie in the area with the most vital population and economy.

Radio-Television BN

Radio-Television BN is one of the first private media houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which started broadcasting television programs in 1998. Thanks to current and objective reporting, and monitoring of needs and interests, viewers initially recognized the quality of this house. For a very short period, it gained a special role in the social, cultural and political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Advancing in program and technical terms, in 2004 BN TV started broadcasting satellite programs, so that the signal of BN Television became available to viewers from all over Europe, North America and Australia.

According to the research of the Mareko Index Bosnia Agency, which is used by all relevant TV stations in BiH, in 2020 BN television achieved the status of the most watched TV station based in the Republika Srpska in the entire territory of BiH.

Address: Laze Kostića br. 146 76300 Bijeljina Republika Srpska (BiH)

Phone: +387 55 228 400


Radio: +387 55 228 412

TV editorial office: +387 55 228 422

RTV Slobomir

RTV Slobomir was founded on September 1, 2004 by Slobodan and Mira Pavlović with the intention of making this media house a promoter of good ideas, true values and local potentials.

Radio Slobomir's program can be watched on five frequencies covering the area from Doboj to Han Pijesak. Broadcasting popular and carefully selected music with short speech forms and several authorial shows rank this radio among the most listened to in the region.

Radio television Slobomir:

PF 114 76300 Slobomir, Bijeljina

Address: +387 55 231 102 , +387 55 231 128

Fax: +387 55 231 130


Bobar radio

Address: Ulica Filipa Višnjića 211, 76 300 Bijeljina

Television : 055 / 221-020 ; 055 / 415-161


Fax: 055/ 221-021

Contact program: 055/247-919 055/247-920

Radio Daš

Address: Ul. Stevana Krnjica 18 76300 Bijeljina

Phone: +387 (0) 55 22 11 00

Fax: +387 (0) 55 22 11 0

Marketing: +387 (0) 55 22 11 02

Pan radio

Address: Hase Novo naselje b, 76300 Bijeljina

Phone: 055/258-350, 055/258-350


Mob: 066/11-36-32

A town in the heart of Semberija. A city of good people, good hosts!