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Bijeljina Tourist Organization

The Tourist Organization of the City of Bijeljina was established by the Decision of the Municipal Assembly of Bijeljina, October 2, 2003. year, for the purpose of performing activities of development, preservation and protection of tourist values on the territory of the municipality of Bijeljina.

Activities, tasks and services of the Tourist Organization are:

  • tourism promotion of local self-government units
  • improvement and promotion of the original values of the local self-government unit in which the Tourist Organization was established, such as tradition, customs, ethnological treasures,
  • creating preconditions for valorization of tourist resources of the city or municipality,
  • cooperation and coordination with economic entities performing tourist activity or other activities that are directly or indirectly related to tourist activity, for the purpose of joint agreement, determination and implementation of tourism development policy and its promotion within the city development strategy,
  • promotion and organization of cultural, artistic, sports and other gatherings and events that contribute to the development of the tourist offer of a place, city or municipality.
  • encouraging the development of the area of the city or municipality that is not included or is insufficiently included in the tourist offer of the city or municipality,
  • encouragement and organization of activities aimed at the protection and maintenance of cultural and historical monuments and other material goods of interest to tourism and their inclusion in the tourist offer,
  • organizing actions in order to preserve the tourist area, improve the tourist district and protect the environment in the city.
  • development of programs and plans for tourism promotion in accordance with the strategy of tourism promotion and program activities of TORS, implementation of the program of stay of study groups, provision of other service information and services to tourists,
  • o-cooperation with associations, non-governmental organizations in the field of tourism,
  • cooperation with other tourist organizations in the Republic,
  • processing data on the number and structure of tourists in the city, and in the Tourist Organization as a whole, and collecting and processing all other indicators relevant to monitoring the implementation of goals and tasks at least once every six months annually,
  • conducting surveys and other research in order to determine the assessment of the quality of the tourist offer in the city or municipality.
  • preparation of reports on the execution of tasks, analysis and evaluation of the implementation of the work program and financial plan of the Tourist Organization of the city,
  • preparation of reports and information for the needs of TORS
  • participation in defining development goals and policies at the level of the local self-government unit,
  • collecting data for the purpose of informing tourists,
  • mediation in the provision of services to natural persons in a rural household, as well as in the provision of services to natural persons in the rental of apartments, rooms and houses,
  • providing and producing information and propaganda material that promotes the tourist values of the local self-government unit such as printed publications, audio and video promotional material, promotion through web portals, presentation souvenirs and
  • cooperation with the competent authority of the city or municipality in determining the working hours of catering facilities on the territory of the local self-government unit and other activities of interest for the promotion of tourism in the city or municipality in accordance with special regulations.
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