Police Phone number: 122
Firefighters Phone number: 123
Emergency room Phone number: 124

Towing service Gusar

Address: Stefana Dečanskog 14;
Phone number: 065/609-076; 065/546-790;
Email: gusarbn@hotmail.com

Association of taxi drivers Semberija

Phone number: 055/207–864;

Post office Bijeljina

Address: Knjeginje Milice 6;
Phone number: 055/212-111; 055/210-522;


Address: Stefana Dečanskog bb;
Phone number: 055/255-334;
Fax: 055/255-334;
Email: branko@euroexpress.ba
Web: www.euroexpress.ba

District Court

Phone number: 055/201-885;
Fax: 055/205-250;
Email: oksud-bijeljina@pravosudje.ba
Web: wwww.oksud-bijeljina.pravosudje.ba

Basic Court

Address: Vuka Karadžića 3
Phone number: 055/224-910;
Fax: 055/201-343;
Email: ossudbn@teol.net
Web: www.osnovnisudbn.com

Electricity distribution

Address: Šabačkih đaka bb
Phone number: 055/201-211; 055/201-088;
Fax: 055/223-840;
Email: bijeljina@elektrobijeljina.com
Web: www.elektrobijeljina.com

City heating plant

Address: Miloša Crnjanskog 10
Phone number: 055/211-640;
Fax: 055/211-641;
Web: www.jptoplana-bijeljina.com


Address: Miloša Crnjanskog 7
Phone number: 055/210-147;

Water supply and sewerage

Address: Hajduk Stankova 20;
Phone number: 055/226-460;
Fax: 055/210-751;
Email: office@bnvodovod.com
Web: www.bnvodovod.com

Registry office

Address: Karađorđeva 4;
Phone number: 055/233-121;

Communal police

Address: Karađorđeva 29;
Phone number: 055/211-774;
Web: www.sobijeljina.org/182/bijeljina

Municipality BIjeljina

Address: Trg Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića;
Phone number: 055/233-100;
Email: it@sobijeljina.org
Web: www.sobijeljina.org

Telrad NET

Address: Nušićeva bb;
Phone number: 055/415-415; 055/222-222;
Fax: 055/212-814; 055/222-220;
Email: info@telrad.net
Web: www.telrad.net

Hunting Association Semberija

Address: Meše Selimovića 15;
Phone number: 055/227-100; 0055/227-101;
Fax: 055/227-107;
Email: lusemb@teol.net
Web: www.lusemberija.com

Spa Dvorovi

Address: Dvorovi bb;
Phone number: 055/350-626; 055/350-562;
Email: banjadvorovi@spinter.net
Web: www.banjadvorovi.com

Youth center Bijeljina

Address: Srpske vojske 38a/4;
Phone number: +387 65 810058
Email: ocbijeljina@gmail.com

City Theater Talija

Address: Živojina Mišića 22;
Email: scenatalija@gmail.com

City Cinema

Address: Kneza Miloša 28;
Phone number: 055/204-202;

Museum Semberija

Address: Karađorđeva 2;
Phone number: 055/201-910;

Gallery Milenko Atanacković

Address: Trg Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića;
Phone number: 055/205-329; 055/206-472;
Fax: 055/205-329;

Library Filip Višnjić

Address: Trg Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića;
Phone number: 055/205-603;
Fax: 055/208-117;
Web: www.bibliotekabijeljina.rs.ba;

AngliaV – Foreign language school

Address: Profesora Bakajlića 15;
Phone number: 055/220-622; 055/220-626;
Email: info@anglia-bijeljina.com
Web: www.anglia-bijeljina.com

Nova Bank

Address: Patrijarha Pavla 17;
Phone number: 055/230-345; 055/230-346;
Fax: 055/209-095;
Web: www.novabanka.com

NLB Development Bank

Address: Patrijarha Pavla 1;
Phone number: 055 209-905;
Fax: 055 209-905;
Web: www.razvojnabanka.com

Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank

Address: Trg Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića;
Phone number: 055/225-434;
Web: www.hypo-alpe-adria.rs.ba

UniCredit Bank

Address: Svetog Save 38;
Phone number: 055/225-080;
Web: www.unicreditbank.ba

Raiffeisen Bank

Address: Majevička 102;
Phone number: 055/212-909;
Web: www.raiffeisenbank.ba

ProCredit Bank

Address: Karađorđeva 6;
Phone number: 055/220-980; 055/225-955;
Fax: 055/220-980;
Web: www.procreditbank.ba

A town in the heart of Semberija. A city of good people, good hosts!